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Tuition Grant Program

Become an Alcohol and Drug Counselor with Specialty Training in LGBTQIA2+ Diversity


Advanced Studies in Addiction Counseling

Grant participants will receive tuition for CCAPP Academy and an elective course towards the education for a specialty certificate.

Become an Alcohol Drug Counselor with CCAPP’s
Learn & Earn Program

Get Rewarded*

You receive a $2,500 per month work incentive while you study and gain valuable work experience.

*Reward will be in the form of a prepaid card.

Free Tuition

We cover all your education costs: books, tuition for the CCAPP Academy, and curriculum for your choice of specialty credentials.

Free Career Mentoring

You get free career mentoring (one mentor for every four students)

Free Exam

We pay for your test and certification fees and enroll you in free test preparation classes when you are ready to test for your internationally reciprocal Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor credential.

Free Employment Assistance

We provide resume help, interview readiness and free job placement with treatment providers in your area.

Free Learning Events

Plus, we pay for your entry to exciting, in-person learning events and conferences where you will meet the professionals from the field you will be joining.

CCAPP Academy is user-friendly, has local access, and is famous for it’s hands-on learning approaches. The Academy offers a greater selection of classes and a cutting-edge curriculum to keep California counselors at the forefront of their profession.

CCAPP is Investing in You!


We cover all expenses, including test and certification fees. Additionally, we offer complimentary enrollment in test preparation classes when you’re ready to pursue your internationally recognized Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor credential.

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Benefit from complimentary career mentoring, with a personalized mentor assigned for every four students. Receive assistance in refining your resume, enhancing interview skills, and securing job placements with treatment providers located in your vicinity.

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Is your deep-seated desire to uplift your community driving your journey? Does creating a meaningful impact fuel your dreams? Embark now on a transformative voyage where knowledge aligns seamlessly with your goal of community betterment.

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“I always dreamed of doing something to help my community. I can’t believe I will be paid to learn how!”

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